Thursday, June 25, 2009

Caffeine Junky turned Coffee Connoisseur

I used to sit in coffee shops, gulping down whatever was cheapest in order to stay awake and study. I thought that coffee was coffee, and that it was pretty much the same anywhere you bought it. When I became an intern for Kohana, I had no idea that I would learn so much about the stuff in such a short time.

After acquiring a few samples of coffee, I decided that one day a few weeks ago was as good as any day to become a connoisseur-in-training. I started using my roommate’s French press, cringing at the noise of the grinder in the early morning, then getting a big grin on my face when I would smell the fresh grounds. Heating up the electric tea kettle and standing over the press while waiting for my coffee to be ready made me feel worldly and adult. I’ve become so enamored with my new routine that my old coffeepot stands in the corner, scowling at me, dusty from disuse.

And the coffee! I would normally pour milk and three packets of fake sugar in my mug, but now find myself sipping it without adding anything and still thinking it’s delicious.
Recently, I had an opportunity to see the shooting of a four-part (was it five part?) news series in action; News 8 Austin’s Todd Boatwright came to Cissi’s Market a few weeks ago just to learn about Kohana Coffee. Sitting behind the scenes allowed me to learn so much about what actually goes into each cup. It’s not just picking a plot of land with beans on it and roasting them. It’s selecting the perfect locations for the coffee plants to grow in, roasting the beans to perfection, tasting them, and after all of that, making sure everything about the product is perfect. Piper Jones, Vice President of Operations at Kohana, taught Todd everything he ever needed to know about coffee and more. He got a crash course in what goes into an espresso shot, how to taste the coffee by “slurping” it, how to use a French press, and which desserts go best with which blend.

I can tell that as my time with Kohana continues, I will get to know coffee pretty well. I’m excited at the prospect of learning about each blend and what makes it special. And most importantly, I’m excited to drink more coffee!

-- Whitney

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We have a new Roaster!

We'd like to introduce and welcome Mieke Fonteyn into our Kohana Coffee fold as our new Roaster. She comes to us with more than a decade in the coffee industry and we love what that adds to our team.

What she her words -

-what I love about coffee is the intricacy of each cup, how every origin, degree of temperature and care of growers and roasters makes a difference in the final product.
-what I love about the industry is that life moments often happen over great cups of coffee, I am passionate about being a part of that.
-what I love about Kohana is the care we take in ensuring the purchasing and roasting to provide the best spectrum of flavor in each bag and being part of something women/locally owned and operated.
-favorite coffee = Org Ethiopian Harrar
-favorite place to drink coffee = our roasting warehouse in SATX (South Austin for those not from around here)
-love live music (especially hip hop)
-love my dog a jack Russell pug named Rocco

Welcome Mieke, we're glad you're here!