Saturday, January 16, 2010

Help us help Haiti...please

Our world is a wondrous place but sometimes we are also devastated by it. Being in the coffee industry as well as officing with an international company Alliance Abroad Group - we are super conscious of what's affecting other parts of the world. Right now we're centered on Haiti.

Kohana Coffee is donating $1 for each new Facebook friend or Twitter follower as well as taking $1 from every online coffee sale to Haiti earthquake relief and the word is really getting out. I'm astonished at how quickly that news spread and our donation dollars have increased - thank you to anyone/everyone who's helped this effort - I'm thrilled. Please Retweet and Share on Facebook - it can only help.

Last night I got an email notice from showcasing different organizations and direct links for donating through Facebook Charity Gift Shop. Although our efforts are not combined, I appreciate the work they did to compile the links and general information.

If you want to help but don't have the dollars - 'follow' us on Twitter or 'friend' us on Facebook, we'll donate the dollars. If you feel led to do more please check out these organizations that help to get resources to our friends in Haiti.
  • Oxfam - Water, sanitation, health and shelter equipment
  • UNICEF - Children care
  • CARE - Food, hygiene kits and water, as well as deliver emergency health services
  • American Red Cross - Shelter and overall care
  • World Vision - Children sponsorship and care

Monday, January 11, 2010

Why are there no posts here???

I'm not sure what it is - maybe writer's block - but I haven't written a post in over a month. Maybe it's that we we're busier than ever in December - maybe its that other parts of the business are pulling me away from quiet time in front of my laptop - maybe its that I don't really have anything to say.

For those of you that know me - you know the last part just isn't true. As a matter of fact, give me too much coffee and you'll have a hard time shutting me up (Kohana team quit rolling your eyes). I spend quite a few waking hours pouring over coffee mags/newsletters/books/websites and am constantly thinking, 'that would be a great to blog about'...folding down page corners, scribbling notes where I can. So its not for lack of material or things I want to talk about - I find the coffee industry as a whole to be one of the most fascinating out there.

Regardless of the quest to find my 'reason', my resolution for 2010 is to get off my fence post and just do it. You all can hold me accountable. Please.

Happy Twenty Ten to everyone out there that's listening!

P.S. and for those interested in the beautiful Chemex brew happening above - well that's @BaristaOnDuty's incredible Pan Crafted "Piper Roasted" Ethiopian Limu that I was fortunate enough to receive. "Wow" is all I can say and THANK YOU!