Sunday, July 25, 2010

Coffee: All about "with" and "you"

photo by Gservo's Photography

A major coffee company recently found through Facebook and Twitter research that the two most used words were ‘with’ and ‘you’. Two little words that rose to the top of all coffee industry jargon to encapsulate what drinking this little brown gem was all about.

Its not new news that coffee is a centerpiece of people’s lives, but it is profound in how big it is. Our favorite experiences involving coffee are being able to share that moment in time with others. From brainstorming ideas, getting critical feedback, arguing over flavor points, to sharing in the absolute beauty of a perfectly grown, roasted and brewed cup of coffee – truly, we can’t get enough.

When sharing in a cup of coffee or shot of espresso we tend to lean in a bit more – listen to what the other is saying – to be more present, per se. Maybe it’s the added benefit of the caffeine, maybe it’s the stop gap in our day dedicated to taking time for ourselves and another...maybe it’s a sorely needed ‘slow down’ in this ever-quickening, fast paced world. Whatever it is, our experience is ‘with’ ‘you’.

We encourage you to find great coffees that are ‘worth slowing down for’ - you can get those at Kohana Coffee. Create the experience with those you care about or want to know more. And in the mean time, share with us a favorite memory or shared coffee experience you've had - we love to hear them.