Monday, February 1, 2010

Girls drinking coffee in the city!

Victoria Lynden and I had the great pleasure of being in New York last week - many things are good about this but getting out of our 'day to day' had to be at the top. As a coffee enthusiast I looked forward to new shops showcasing specialty coffees and seeing how coffee niches are ever evolving. The trip, although NOT all about coffee (which I was reminded on several occasions), did not disappoint. With pre-trip help from @gservo and a general refining of my 'list of wants' - I forged a small window of opportunity where I could get visit my inner coffeegeek.

On my short list was McNulty's Tea & Coffee where we sell Kohana's Org Ethiopian HarrarOrg Ethiopian Sidamo and Org Sumatra. David Wong, who runs the store with his father, is the perfect coffee conversationalist and we love being included in this 115 yr old shop of choice coffees and teas. We enjoyed a lovely cup of Puerto Rican Yauco Selecto he just brewed - it was one of his favorites and has always been high on our list. If you have a chance - go there, it's in the village, and check out the Kohana coffees he carries.

Another stop was the Ace Hotel, home to the more recently appointed Stumptown Coffee Roasters. If you want and appreciate great coffee beans/roasting/presentation - go here. I like a brewed coffee that tastes exceptional down to the last sip of a cup and it passed my test. The Ace hotel vibe was a perfect high end coffee environment.

These are two of many experiences but the take away is that we never stop learning about what's out there, what's trending upward, how educated our consumers are and how truly appreciative the buying world is of great product. It keeps us on our toes and makes us want to be better at what we do.