Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Kohana Coffee and Central Market

I’m not sure if I’ve said much about the Central Market http://www.centralmarket.com/ stores in Austin, TX, and if not it’s time I did. If you’re not from Texas you’re missing out – period. To say that each time I enter my senses awash with pleasure may sound lofty – but it’s the truth.

Central Market carries six SKU’s of Kohana Coffee in their Bulk Department and we couldn’t be prouder. Not only is CM one of Kohana’s dream stores because we personally love to shop there – but we love working with them too. They appreciate our coffee and support us as a local coffee roaster in a way that makes us feel all the effort is worth while.

If you haven’t met Christina and the bulk crew in the North Lamar store – you should. They know more about what they sell than anyone I’ve ever known. And if you’re at the South (Westgate) store tell Janie and her bulk group we said ‘hey’. They’ve been instrumental in getting Kohana Coffee going there. These people know coffee, rest assured, they’re even taught me a thing or two and I love that.

So take the time to stop in and try some coffee they’re sampling that day. There’s a good chance it’s one of Kohana’s lineup; Brazil Fazenda Alvorada, Mexico Pluma Don Eduardo, Honduras Marcala Especial and Lamar Blend are exclusives to Central Market. Flores Bajawa and Rockin’ Like Austin are big sellers there as well.

One other thing – The Rockin’ Like Austin is so popular they’re moved it up to the Coffee Bar (North store has Lamar Blend as well)! Stop by and try them out – I promise you’ll be glad you did.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hawaiian Coffees at Farmer's Market

It’s very cool to have your product well liked – basically it says that others feel the same as you and we dig that. Recently Kohana Coffee has become a vendor at the North Shore County Market at Sunset Elementary on the North Shore of Oahu. It’s a perfect fit because we serve coffees from the local coffee farm (Waialua Estate) that people really enjoy and at the same time promote Kohana and Waialua to the local audience.
At NSCM we sell Hawaiian Prime, Hawaiian Select, Kona Estate, North Shore Blend, Acoustic Soul and Island Cacao in several different retail bag sizes. We serve the 100% Waialuan – Hawaiian Prime as a hot brew and the Kohana Cold Brew we offer over ice is the North Shore Blend. Both are becoming very popular and we see repeat customers – YES!

Our dear friend Irma Jimenez is manning the booth while we’re away – no easy feat. Everyone loves Irma so it’s an incredible match. She loves the coffee and that is infectious.

Big thanks to all that are helping make it happen – from the Austin team to strong volunteers on the North Shore (Irma, Ruth and their entourage). It takes a village, people!
Also BIG thanks to Anuhea for coming out to support Kohana and see how popular the coffees she's chosen are. Check out her calendar at http://www.anuheajams.com/ - see a show if you can, you will be thankin' us for the reco!