Friday, October 9, 2009


Well, we're all recovering from Austin City Musical Festival '09 -- it's taken most of the week. So much excitement - so much great music - so much coffee adoration - so much mud! I have to admit it felt a bit like a small Woodstock as I watched the mud divers going at it.

Being in the Artist's Lounge was an awesome experience. Not so much just hanging out with incredibly talented musicians - but being able to treat them to great coffee that they all appreciated was our pleasure. Our favorite line was 'I heard about this amazing coffee that I had to come try' -- that, in itself, was music to our ears.

I took some video - mostly before the heavens opened on Saturday and I was fearful for my borrowed camera. It gives a festival snapshot for those that didn't get to attend - and a bit of what it looked like behind the scenes.

Thanks to our Kohana team of Nicku and Nate - they made it happen! And thanks even more to everyone who fell in love with Kohana Coffee...we appreciate you more than you know.