Friday, October 9, 2009


Well, we're all recovering from Austin City Musical Festival '09 -- it's taken most of the week. So much excitement - so much great music - so much coffee adoration - so much mud! I have to admit it felt a bit like a small Woodstock as I watched the mud divers going at it.

Being in the Artist's Lounge was an awesome experience. Not so much just hanging out with incredibly talented musicians - but being able to treat them to great coffee that they all appreciated was our pleasure. Our favorite line was 'I heard about this amazing coffee that I had to come try' -- that, in itself, was music to our ears.

I took some video - mostly before the heavens opened on Saturday and I was fearful for my borrowed camera. It gives a festival snapshot for those that didn't get to attend - and a bit of what it looked like behind the scenes.

Thanks to our Kohana team of Nicku and Nate - they made it happen! And thanks even more to everyone who fell in love with Kohana Coffee...we appreciate you more than you know.



  1. Nice! Who's playing the tasty funk bleeding from my speakers?

  2. that would be our mighty Oscar - creator of the kohana video editing world AND talented musician -- who knew????