Friday, April 17, 2009

Biggest event of our year

Well, we're here - in Atlanta - at the Specialty Coffee Association of America annual event. Victoria and I arrived yesterday, ready to take it all in over the next 3 days. After registering and checking out the opening reception we headed to our hotel to ready for the next day.

Today after checking out the lay of the land (and where we were supposed to be - when) we headed off in different directions. Victoria headed to lectures about professional vs consumer expectations of specialty coffee and the intricate details about grinding coffee. My morning was spent cupping coffee - five flights of coffees (3.5 hours worth) - looking for differences in region, processing and overall quality. For those of you that know me - you can imagine I was reeling from the caffiene. It was a good refresher for old habits that may need changing and I hope to bring back nothing but good to Kohana Coffee's faithful followers.

Our afternoon was spent at the trade show floor - seeing latest technology, visiting with vendor partners, sampling every type of coffee/coffee product imaginable and eventually stepping out to the World Barista Championships being held at the same time. The finals are Sunday and a new champion will be 'crowned'. These baristas are amazing.

Before leaving we stopped by our friend's Coffee Kids reception. They do unbelievable work and deserve so much support from us all. Their efforts help coffee-farming families improve the quality of their lives. It's quite simple - if growers can't sustain themselves they can't farm. If they can't farm we can't buy coffee to roast and sell to you. Please do what you can for this strong group doing the right thing for us all.

Overall, we're taking in lots and hope every minute of learning can be applied back to making Kohana Coffee the best that it can be. We'll check back in tomorrow and fill in from there...


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