Thursday, September 3, 2009

So much is happening on the Kohana Coffee front. We're movin' and shakin' in lots of directions you need to know about. First, as you've read before we're becoming very popular at the North Shore Country Market on Oahu - Irma and team are holding down the fort creating Kohana Coffee converts as we speak. People there love the local farm coffees and those coffees, of course, are some of our favorites.

In Austin we're finally rounding the corner of hot months (not to be confused with 'hot coffee' months) turning into more bearable 'almost fall' months. What that translates to in the coffee world is a pick up of coffee drinkers - and that makes us happy. We have lots of new crop in - expecting more - and we're ready to pass forward the great tasting coffees you know Kohana Coffee for.

Look for more information about Kohana Coffee going 'live' on several websites very soon. We'll give all the skinny as soon as we have it. Very exciting!

Oh, and if you haven't already checked out Marye Audet's blog about coffee and everything that's worth noting - you must. She's been very good about reviewing Kohana Coffee - and we feel her perspective is right on. We give her big thanks for doing what's she's doing to support indy coffee roasters - and for appreciating a great cup of coffee.

Finally, and most importantly, we want to know what you think - your ideas/thoughts/feedback are food to us. If we don't have it we're guessing at what you want - and probably somewhat ineffective in that effort. Let us know - we LOVE to hear what you have to say. Also, follow us on Twitter @kohanacoffee and Facebook, there are links above that do it for you - we're giving away FREE coffee there this week. Check it out!

Coffee on!


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