Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Kohana and Planet Cancer, Flamingo-a-Go-Go-Go!

Kohana Coffee was pleased to participate in Planet Cancer's Flamingo-a-Go-Go this past Saturday, May 2 at the Monarch. Alongside delicious foods from The Belmont, Whole Foods, Opal Divine's, Moonshine, and many others, we set out a choice of Kohana Blend (no one can resist our signature blend), Kohana Panama (a truly delightful dark roast that continues to win people over), and Decaf Kohana Blend (the perfect choice for decaf drinkers).
This was a party not to be missed! Besides the delectable food and drinks, DJ Manny provided fabulous music that was hard to resist! Please take a moment to visit Planet Cancer's website This organization truly deserves all the attention it can get- as its focus is to provide a support network for young adults with cancer. Planet Cancer provides a safe haven where its members can face the complex world of cancer together, both the serious and the not-so-serious, particularly when these individuals are supposed to be in their prime. We are proud to support this effort!

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