Sunday, May 10, 2009

Kohana Guest Blogger - J'aime Mitchell, Whole Foods

Welcome to the newest addition to Kohana Coffee's Blog - our Guest Bloggers.

We have so many friends in the coffee world who's opinion we value. Our want is to put their thoughts, wisdom, insights and ideas up as frequently as we can. We hope that you, our readers, can learn to know them as we do.

We start with a very good friend to Kohana, J'aime Mitchell, the coffee/tea/chocolate buyer for the landmark Whole Foods Market in Austin. Her job is setting standards and having fun through quality retail experiences. She knows coffee - and it's been such a pleasure working with her. Sadly for us, she's off to Costa Rica soon - but we know it will be an amazing trip and can't wait for the stories she'll have to share.

From J'aime...

"Just started packing for the big summer plans: I packed my french press before realizing I'll be half a world away from my grinder... So with as much when-in-Rome gumption as I could muster, I left behind my security blanket of coffee accoutrements and settled for an extra pair of sandals.I'm looking forward to 10 weeks in Costa Rica, don't get me wrong, but this houseful of love is going to be hard to leave. I'm also going to miss the fabulous coffees coming into Austin. It's harvest season, and there are new coffees to taste every week. It's so much fun to finally have the talented roasters right around the corner; those early morning trips to Seattle and Vienna were so tedious! Anyway, I'll be on the road again for a spell which always means new cuisine to bring home. Hopefully I'll even make it down to Panama, then I'll understand where that magic Kohana brew grows! I'll make sure to learn a traditional dessert to go with it. Stay tuned... I might even share a piece... "

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